Conquerors Path 7

This  was the most interesting event in the RAN ONLINE ph where all guilds were busy in the preparations of the Guild War.  How to play?  Well, the guild must obtain the e-room certification  were each e-room has a designated points, for instant, Normal E-Room, Golden E-Room and Platinum E-Room has a 1 pt, 2 pts and 3 pts respectively. In this way, everybody should had the strength to fight, contend and conquer as well as defend for that  E-Room.

After all the scheduled sessions of the said event, all points which obtained by each guild must be added, and the one who caught the highest total of score would be the CHAMPION of the Conqueror`s Path.

Of  Course, the game is not complete without the prizes.  Thus, only the winning team which is 1st, 2nd and 3rd who acquired the prizes 🙂


” The video is a Tribute to my Guild Titans who won the Conquerors Path 7 as a Champion in Havoc Server.  Congratulations Titans!!!  More Power to us! “


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