How to Get Rid of My Computer Lag

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Computer lag is irksome. Waiting and waiting for a page or program to load or typing and waiting for the words to catch up can make you feel like you are in a time warp. There are several easy steps you can take to remove that lag; you’ll be flying again in no time.

Lets go now for some instructions to get rid of our computers.


  1. Empty your temporary folders and other places that waste resources. Open Internet Explorer and click “Tools.” Go to Browsing History and click “Delete.” You will then see several options. Choose to delete the temporary Internet files. There are similar options under Firefox and other browsers.
  2. Close or remove programs you don’t need. If you are surfing the internet and you have a few other programs running you don’t need, close them and your surfing will go faster. It will also help to disable programs that start automatically in the background. Type “msconfig” in the Run text box in the Start menu. Under the “StartUp” tab, uncheck programs you don’t want running every time you start the computer. Any of these programs can be started manually if you need them.
  3. Go to the Control Panel and select the “Keyboard” icon. Try changing the repeat delay and the repeat rate. Sometimes this can cause lag as you are typing.
  4. Install and run adware or malware remover software to eliminate junk that has gotten onto your computer. Some antivirus programs come bundled with this type of software also.
  5. Upgrade your computer by getting more memory or a faster CPU. There are always trade offs when considering upgrading versus buying a new computer. A new computer will cost more, but your computer may not be so upgradeable. Consult a computer salesman to find out how much you can upgrade your current computer. If you have the space and the capability, adding RAM is usually a way that will help speed up your computer and reduce lag.

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