Graves’ Disease Diet- Home Remedies and Natural Cures

8 Foods and beverages to avoid when considering Graves’ Disease Diet

·         Coffee

·         Black tea

·         Chocolate

·         Soda

·         Alcohol

·         Smoking

·         Walnuts

·         Peanuts

Here is an example diet of one of my clients Tanya Otto from South Africa:

Daily routine
Before breakfast:
1 x big tablespoon of Barley Green
2 x Flax Seed Oil tablets (2500mg)

After Lunch:
10 drops of lemon balm tincture (not always just when I feel I need it)
Peppermint Tea/Chamomile mix (pompadour teas bought in supermarket)

After Supper:
Veggie liquidized shake:
Half a whole broccoli / cauliflower
Some cabbage
Some carrots

Just visit Graves’ Disease. For more info.


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