Quick Fixes for Puffy Eyes


  • Tea bags: With eyes closed, place a moist, warm (not hot) tea bag on each eyelid. You can use a regular (like Lipton) or chamomile tea bag. You can also take several chamomile tea bags, moisten them in cold water and refrigerate them. If you wake up with swollen or puffy eyes, just apply a chilled bag to your eyes.
  • A slice of cucumber on each eye is really refreshing.
  • Slices of potato work well on puffy eyes
  • Cotton pads or puffs soaked in milk will deflate puffy areas.
  • Cotton pads or puffs soaked in witch hazel and left on eyes for 10 minutes relieves puffiness, tears, eye fatigue, and eyestrain.
  • A stiffly beaten egg white patted on the face will reduce puffiness; you can also you can add a few drops of witch hazel — it’s an astringent and will also keep the egg white from drying to quickly. Witch hazel also reduces swelling.
By: WebMD, thanks for the great healthy tips

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